Why is activity-based learning perfect for your conference?

In a nutshell,

activity-based learning is the perfect blend of energy and learning. It makes events memorable but also insightful. 

The reality is that Activity Based Learning delivers better learning outcomes. Why? Because people learn by doing.

They may acquire information by hearing and seeing (traditional keynote or concurrent session), but true understanding is achieved when people are immersed in what they are learning – and learn through their own choices and actions.

In well designed – and debriefed – activities, participants gain insights into their personal responsibility for the outcomes they achieve – in the activity and in their everyday work life. The practical application is immediately obvious, which means improved transfer of learning and tangible workplace improvements. 

The first question every participant deserves to have answered is - how will this make a difference?

By understanding your people’s priorities, pressures, and challenges, we contextualise the debrief and make the relevance to their real world challenges, objectives and realities obvious. 

Activities also create a shared experience and a shared language -

which participants take back to their workplace and that keeps the learning alive long after the conference is over.