The Facilitation Team


Simon Thiessen

He strenuously denies the rumours that these activities are just an excise for im to dress up, and insists that costumes are an essential part of the colour of the experiences. 
When you meet Simon, he may be masquerading as Digger (a reluctant guide taking teams into the desert), Pierre (a French artiste) or one of his other alter egos. 

While he loves facilitating the experiences, Simon is a learning professional at heart. 
We love people having fun, but the main reason for the experience is to create a platform for the debrief. Without the debrief, your people have a good time, but it all feels a bit shallow. The experience is the sizzle, the debrief is the sausage. Without both, all you have is a mouth full of nothing, or a cold sausage!

With over 30 years experience as a professional learning facilitator

Simon is an expert at guiding your people to discover those critical insights that translate to real world improvements and bottom line results. 

Kirralea Walkerden


The first time Kirralea had the “ah-ha’ moment in one of our programs is a moment she will never forget – a moment that profoundly solidified her alignment with our mission and our methodology.

Watching participants expressions when they have their own “ah-ha’ moment is a perpetual source of inspiration; as they bridge the gap between the immersive experiences we provide and their day-to-day behaviors in the workplace, it unfolds as a captivating revelation. 

This realisation, where individuals grasp the profound impact of their actions, words, thoughts, and decisions on workplace culture and the lasting impressions they create – underscores the immense value of experiential learning as an indispensable tool for organisations seeking positive transformation.

David Osman


When David first attended his first experiential program, he knew that he wanted to turn the table and be facilitating experiences, that meant something to those teams that he works with. 

The opportunity to give organisations space to thrive by bringing them together gives him the most joy from the work we do. 

Experiential acticvities are ones that make the learning with participants a journey through best outcomes for their teams and organisations. If at the end of the experience we have an impact on culture, team work or workplace relationships then the process has been a valuable one. 

Every time we get together for an experience, something new comes of the opportunity making every experience a unique one. 

Could we tell them the same things without the activity?

ABSOLUTELY. But how often do we see someone told something a thousand times, but fail to learn until they experience it for themselves?