In Archipelago, All at Sea TM, small groups are marooned on a chain of idyllic islands, grappling with disruptive change, and attempting to meet the expectations they face.

This is the ideal option if you would like to use a dynamic activity to develop people’s attitudes, strategies and skills when dealing with change – and when leading people and teams before, during and after change.

Setting the scene – the activity

Delegates are greeted aboard the luxury cruise ship, Ce La Vie. Returning guests are welcomed, and first timers are invited to indulge themselves in all that this magnificent ship has to offer.
But, before they have a chance to
relax, everything changes.

Now the passengers find themselves cast adrift in tiny life rafts, buffeted by wild seas and blown ashore. Small groups are marooned on beautiful but
isolated islands. Not only is there no prospect of rescue, the treacherous waters of the archipelago makes travel between the islands impossible.

Teams must each do their best with the scarce resources and the people they find themselves marooned with as they face a series of tasks and challenges. 

Teams face the daunting reality that they may be stranded indefinitely and set about transforming their island refuges into long term homes.

No sooner have they created a community to be proud of, when everything changes again, and they are thrown back into chaos.

Once again, teams are asked
to dig into their reserves of resilience, creativity and collaboration to find a way forward – and this time, if they succeed in their challenges, a bright new future awaits them.

Making it count – the debrief

Archipelago challenges delegates to accept, adapt to, and ultimately
embrace a sequence of changes. 

They must work with changing group dynamics and the need to maintain a focus on outcomes despite the upheaval around them.

The strategies they use, and the mindsets and attitudes they develop, are a great platform for responding to change in their everyday work life. For the
leaders in the room, they also learn strategies for supporting and managing others in a changing world.

The Logistics -

Time: 2 ½ hours to 4 ½ hours, with a recommended minimum of 3 hours.

Numbers: We recommend a minimum group size of 6-8 people. The activity is scalable and there is no maximum number – it can be run for 1000 participants or more