Lasseter’s Reef, A Quest for Gold TM is a desert themed experience with teams working together as they strive for exceptional results. This is the ideal option if you want a high energy experience that builds attitudes and strategies to achieve exceptional team and individual outcomes.

Setting the scene – the activity

Delegates form small teams and are greeted by reluctant expedition leader, Digger, and a team of offsiders including Sandy, Goldy and Nugget.

Digger briefs the teams, preparing them for the adventure ahead. They must focus on the goal, which is simple. To win! But first, they need to appoint a leader, decide how to allocate their budget, access and evaluate information, and make critical decisions with long ranging consequences.
Then, it’s time to leave the comfort of base camp.

Teams race across a perilous desert, avoiding storms, scorpions and unknown hazards. Attention is divided between dealing with the pressures of the
desert and keeping an eye on the progress of competing teams, as they vie to be the first to reach the gold. Inevitably, the teams spread out across the map, and the merit of different route and supply choices become clear.

When teams reach the gold mine, competition intensifies – and the focus shifts to the key to winning: being the team that mines the most gold.

As the activity reaches its final stages, teams start to think about the journey back to base camp. There is no value in having the most gold but being left behind in the desert. With the sun setting on the final days, teams return to base camp and tally up their gold.

Making it count – the debrief

Lasseter’s is engaging, fun, dynamic and exciting. But that’s only half the
reason to do this program.

As in real life, teams in Lasseter’s Reef must do specific things to achieve exceptional results – plan effectively, withstand
pressure, deal with limited resources and stiff competition, set challenging goals, and respond to the unknown.

The debrief guides participants as they translate the ‘lessons from the desert’ into concrete understandings and actions to improve individual and team
performance in the workplace.

The Logistics -

Time: 3 ½ to 4 ½ hours including a short break.
To get value from the debrief, we recommend a minimum of 4 hours.

Group size: Lasseter’s is scalable and can run for groups
from 8 to over 1000