Cohorts of artists are asked to form a ‘team of teams’ to deliver a Big Picture outcome – both literally and metaphorically. The natural focus for teams to focus on their own objectives means they lose focus on the bigger picture and must reset to achieve the outcomes of the activity.


This is the ideal option if you want to bring your values to life, engage the team in your mission, purpose or philosophy, or define your team spirit, in an engaging activity that challenges participants to collaborate. A great way to launch new or refined team values or to address the silos that damage organisational performance.

Setting the scene – the activity

Under the watchful gaze of a French artiste, cohorts must create a Masterpiece that represents something of importance to the team or organisation

The cohorts dive into the activity, intent on creating their
own masterpiece but soon encounter challenges with limited resources, competing goals and a lack of clarity.

The artiste steps in and helps the cohorts refocus on the big picture outcome. Managers, Design Experts, and Resource Coordinators recognise
their role in supporting the Artists to produce a work of art! 

With new clarity, each cohort returns to their task, keen to achieve their own objective but with the broader picture top of mind.

Gradually the picture takes shape and, finally, they produce a Masterpiece.

Making it count – the debrief

The debrief addresses twin challenges experienced by most organisations: values, missions, and philosophies that have lost meaning and teams that work in silos, having lost sight of the bigger picture.

The activity incorporates
all the usual pressures that workplace teams face – scarce resources, deadlines, high expectations, role and goal conflict, and confusion around
the ultimate objective – which makes the insights from CollaborART instantly applicable to everyday work life.

There is a strong focus on building the awareness and strategies that support genuine collaboration within, and
between, workplace teams.
The logistics

The Logistics -

Time: 2 hours to 3 1/2 hours.

Numbers: We recommend a minimum group size of 8-10 people. The activity is scalable and there is no maximum number – it can be run for 1000 participants or more.