We have been bringing our unique blend of powerful learning and dynamic experiences to conferences for over twenty years. 

Experiential Edge is a division of The Real Learning Experience

Book your activity based experiences

and make your event one to remember – and make sure there is a return on the time, money and energy that goes into running your event.

Without leaving the conference room

Your delegates will be taken on a journey to another world –

The vast and perilous Australian desert, a temple in ancient South America, an archipelago of magnificent tropical islands, a French atiste’s studio, or a dive with sharks in treacherous waters. 

These experiences are so immersive, that delegates become engaged as though they are really in those locations. They compete, collaborate, strategise and act instinctively – just as they do in their everyday life. 

Participants leave with mindsets and strategies

they can immediately apply to deliver improved results. 

And that's the key to the learning we unlock.

Every activity has a debrief that focuses on the way participants respond to the challenges and pressures they are faced with…

and that guides them as they recognise that their response to those same challenges and pressures in their work life shapes the outcomes they achieve. 

Could we tell them the same things without the activity?

ABSOLUTELY. But how often do we see someone told something a thousand times, but fail to learn until they experience it for themselves?